We're MOVING!!!!

Chic Chateau Salon is happy and very excited to announce that we will be MOVING into our NEW location and soon to be home the first week of July, 2015.  This will be our second location in our 3 1/2 years of business in Sioux Center, Iowa and for the first time, we were able to truly build our salon customized to our client's needs as well as our own. 

For our new space, we wanted to give a modern,  industrial-chic vibe, to our new lounge-like, and swanky setting. We have put a twist on our business name to celebrate the welcoming changes ahead.  Chic Chateau Hair & Beauty Lounge is the epitome of a classy, yet comfortable place for our guests to relax, enjoy, and let their hair down while escaping reality for the duration of time that they are here in our chairs. 

"I love the fact that the salon is located in our home. I have no desire for it NOT to be! My passions in life are my family, the hair industry, and my business. The three of them under one roof is a dream come true for me.  Chic Chateau was the name I gave my salon to reflect exactly what my business is;  an in home salon. Chateau is the french name given to a country house.  That very description is depicted throughout the salon with rustic, vintage touches. The salon is conveniently located where I live, but that doesn't mean it is a hole in the wall salon. It is chic and very set apart from our living space. It is my happy place and my creative outlet and I want nothing more than to share that with my clientele. I want it to feel like an upscale, yet comfortable environment even if the salon happens to be an in home salon, in a small town. Small town people still like to relish and enjoy the finer things in life!" -Judy Hoppe, owner & stylist

The new location will  allow us to serve and pamper our guests in greater comfort with elegant touches and higher end furnishings.  Featuring 2 elegant stations, a massaging pedicure spa, an easy to find and convenient location,  and more seating throughout; the new salon will be a trendier and a more sophisticated version of ourselves and our current location. 

 The new Chic Chateau Hair & Beauty Lounge will be located only a few minutes away, on the edge of the golf course, at 343 Sawgrass Trail in Sioux Center.  We have enjoyed our stay at our current location, but we are ready for a change of scenery! We are very excited to see all of our existing clients and look forward to welcoming new guests! Thank you so much for supporting our business!

We will continue to post more pictures of the progress of the salon, continue to add new pages and amenities to our NEW website, and other updates and information leading up to our official opening in July! We anxiously look forward to welcoming you all there!